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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sight Sound Theater Album Recording in Lancaster PA

In the midst of the Tour Grace broke away for a day to record two songs for the album  that Sight and Sound Theater is preparing for the upcoming show of Moses. She was also part of a commercial to promote this show.

Josh Enck producer - Grace's Left 

Reviews of White Christmas

Links for a couple of the reviews for the Show when Grace was on stage. 

Review Des Moines Iowa Lite 104

Review DC Metro Theater Arts - Baltimore

Photos of White Christmas Tour Nov Dec 2013

Ruth Williamson
James Clow

Norb Joerder
Joe Costa

Kristyn Pope

Meredith Patterson
Grace at the Stage Door
                       David Elder                  

The Cast

Monday, December 16, 2013

Grace books White Christmas as Susan Waverly! October 2013

Grace booked Susan Waverly in White Christmas, what an adventure. Check out the website and Grace's bio at White Christmas  Click on Meet Us.

Flipeez hats - the world of modeling.

In the midst of her acting Grace was able to get a modeling shoot. She landed a photo shoot with Flipeez hats. It was kind of neat to walk into a Rite Aid and see her face on the packaging for Flipeez hats.

Flippez Website

Sound of Music Audition - Carrie Underwood

This was a case of close but no cigar - Grace auditioned for the Sound of Music National TV Event with Carrie Underwood. She got to the final round and they had two families picked for the cast. They went with the other family, at least Grace got to speak with Carrie Underwood.

Grace in the Academy of Music "Nabucco" September 2013

The Academy of Music was looking for kids for the Opera called "Nabucco". I loved this opportunity as it would be a chance for Grace to be around Italian Music and opera. She fit the role and was an Extra in the Opera. You can see her here dressed as a Hebrew girl along with her friends. 

Grace in an Internet Commercial - Rainforest Alliance.

After Really Rosie, we didn't have much of a break as Grace got a part as part of an Internet Commercial. This is for the company called Rainforest Alliance. You may have seen the commercial where the theme is to follow the frog. The theme is to be environmentally smart in your purchases.  Check out the commercial and you can see Grace as the little girl who knows more than her dad when it comes to environmental issues. Of course this is just a fictional account of our relation. Above Grace on the set during the shoot. It was a great experience.


Saturday, December 14, 2013

Grace in Really Rosie Bucks County Playhouse June 2013

Grace was in the Ensemble as well as playing the understudy for Rosie. Grace was able to play Rosie on 5 separate occasions. It was her first starring role, as she did an outstanding job.  It was a great group of kids who all worked hard.

Jed Bernstein Director of the Bucks County Playhouse 2103       

The Cast and Grace photos for this summer of 2103 play

Grace in PennDot Video on Walking

Grace is a child featured in a PennDot video which promotes safety while walking.

Grace as Baby June in Gypsy Kelsey Theater March 2013

Grace as Baby June in Gypsy, this has to be my all time favorite photo of Grace in costume. It was so spontaneous and taken in her dressing room.

Gypsy Review

The wig here just makes her look like a different person.

Grace and Lisa Diaz team up as Baby June and her sister.

Grace in Music Mann Walnut Street Theater

Grace and the cast of kids at Music Man. Grace is third from the right, she played a Village Girl.

The cast of kids on a promotional outing, all wearing their Music Man shirts.Grace on bottom right.

Grace and Jennifer Hope Wills 

Grace and Jeff Coon (Harold Hill)

Grace as Gracie Shinn Newtown Theater

Wells Fargo
In the summer of 2012 Grace was cast as Gracie Shinn in Music Man. Little did we know it was a great preview for the next show she was to do in Music Man at the Walnut Street Theater.

Grace in her first shows 2009 - 2011

On this page, I will be posting pictures of Grace's show and her artistic work. Over a year and a half she has done quite a bit when you look at it all at once. I am going to start by placing pictures for some of her earlier shows. 

Grace in her first show ever. Meet me in St.Louis - Newtown Theather

Grace in the Sound of Music as Gretl -Newtown Theater
Grace as Frog in Frog and Toad - Bristol Riverside Theater
         Grace as Tigger - Bristol Riverside Theater