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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Times Square Chronicles Calls Grace "Adorable"

There have been numerous reviews of the shows, but the one that stands out was the Times Square Chronicles. They said Grace was adorable and had the "it factor". Read the full review below

**Cheryl E. Kemeny‘s Mother Jones Childrens Crusade is based on a true story about the plight of child laborers in coalmines and textile mills. It is very reminiscent of a combination of Newsies and The Molly McGuires. As the show opens we hear “Mother Jones, The Miner‘s Angel,“ done acapella with an Irish hint. Soon after, we meet Mother Jones (the terrific Lynne Wintersteller) an outspoken woman who has become both Mother and Angel to the women and children the slave owners of the mills care nothing about. When Mother Jones is jailed, a wannabe union organizer Jenny Markem (Lizzie Klemperer) applies to Alexander Gottlieb (Kevin Reed). As the protesting workers start their strike, a young child is killed by a machine in the factory and a light is shown on the unprotected population of child laborers. A reenactment of Mother Jones’ 1903 march from the Pennsylvania factory to the home of President Theodore Roosevelt in Oyster Bay, New York ends with the President a no-show.
Robin De Jesús brings comic relief but it is the adorable Grace Matwijec who has the “it factor.” Directed by Michelle Tattenbaum, she keeps the show moving in the first act but not the second. The music is winning, the story interesting but the ending leaves you knowing nothing that you didn’t know before.
You can catch Mother Jones Childrens Crusade at the PTC Performance Space on July 24th at 9pm, July 25th at 5pm and 26th at 2pm.
Lynne Wintersteller as Mother Jones and the adorable Grace Matwijec next to her

Times Chronicles Reviews for the NYMF shows     The above review is in the middle of the page.

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